Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Motivation, Faith, and An Ordinary Man

So I was roaming about Facebook today, and happened upon a post in a healthy living group I'm on. It was a video of this man in his 90's I believe, who was extremely fit, and was in fact a model, known for his amazing physique. The man's story began with him as a young fellow, homeless. He had basically wasted his life and had no hope. but, somehow he found some motivation, and he began changing his life. he joined a gym. He pushed himself. He began getting offers for modeling gigs. he kept building up his body, his career, and his mind, until he became what he is today, a rather famous model in another country, and he has no intentions of stopping now!

This man's story was, as intended in that post, quite motivating as far as health goals go. But, it was motivating to me in so many other ways as well! His story reminded me of another story, of a man with very humble beginnings. a life that really, if the odds were stacked, wouldn't have stood a chance of making it past infancy.

Moses. A baby born in a time and place where all infant boys were to be left to die. His mama just couldn't do that though, so she managed to hide him, for a few months anyway. Then she couldn't hide him any more. I'm guessing, like most babies, he was getting a bit noisy.... Whatever the reason, mama knew it wasn't safe to keep him any more. I can't begin to imagine the heartbreak as she stepped out in what may have been the biggest step of faith in her life, placed her precious infant son in a basket, and set him adrift in the river.

Baby could have moved about and tipped the basket over, resulting in sure death by drowning.  He could have begun crying, getting the attention of a crocodile! Really, what were the odds he would be found, and if he was, what were the odds he would be allowed to live? He was obviously a Hebrew baby! But she took a chance, made a leap of faith, which ended up changing the course of history forever! 

Moses grew up in luxury, but found his way back to his humble roots. Then, as he came to the aid of one of his own by birthright, he became an outcast, a fugitive on the run. He traveled far in the unforgiving wilderness until he found himself coming to the rescue of some maidens, one of whom would one day become his wife.

Moses settled down and had a family. He tended his Father-in-laws sheep, and one day he stumbled across a burning, talking bush, which ended up being the voice of God, calling him to do what he had been set apart to do from time before he was born.

Moses was 80 years old when he finally managed to set out, leading the people of his birth to their promised land.  He was taking off on what would become a more than 40 year hike! He was going to hike right through the middle of the Red sea! He was going to hike up, down and around mountains! And he was going to partake in two forty day fasts! All the while putting up with a crowd of ungracious, grumbling Hebrews!

Moses had to have been in amazing shape, physically, mentally, emotionally, and most certainly spiritually! Wow! Talk about motivation!

But Moses didn't start out from his Father-in-laws homestead feeling like a motivated person. In fact, Moses tried to talk God out of the assignment! Moses didn't think he was able or worthy of such a calling. Moses was not a talker. And all Moses was interested in leading was a flock of sheep, and maybe a couple youngsters he was proud to call son... Moses was not a leader called in to service. He was a shepherd called to lead a nation. But, perhaps a bit like his mother so many years earlier, he had to step out in obedience, and that took a lot of faith!

Moses began life as a regular, poor baby, with absolutely nothing going for him but his mother's faith, and look what he became! He accomplished more than any man could dream of! He spoke to God, and God spoke to him! Audibly! and on a regular basis! He led his people through the middle of a sea, through the wilderness, victoriously through war, and ultimately to their promised land. If you want to know more about the amazing adventures of Moses and his people, open your Bible to Exodus. No one wants to read that much on a blog! :-)

I can't help but wonder, what amazing things the Lord might accomplish through any of us, if we had but that mustard seed size portion of faith in Him. If we were to take those first little steps into the unknown, no matter our age, no matter our faults and weaknesses. What if we were to open our mouths and allow the Holy Spirit to speak through us? What if we were to go where He said go? Do what He said to do, comfort who He says to comfort, follow where and when He leads. I wonder what miracles would we see today?

Moses was an ordinary, reluctant 80 year old man when he struck out in faith, and look at all the Lord accomplished through him! I figure I've got a 21 year head start! How 'bout you?

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